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Presentation Management

An integral part of being a Total Solutions Provider involves solving one of the biggest headaches of any event - coordinating a number of presentations from speakers in multiple geographic locations. Everybody has the ability to put together some pretty sophisticated presentations these days, but nobody puts them together in exactly the same way. What usually results when all these presentations are brought together and expected to play well together on the same standardized platform can only charitably be referred to as chaos. is IEM's innovative solution that allows each speaker to post presentations to an event-specific location on our website, well in advance of the upcoming event. Once there, files are analyzed for compatability with the actual hardware and software designated for your event; even embedded video can be uploaded and verified to ensure it runs properly using one of the many CODECs we maintain. Should incompatabilities be discovered, we'll notify the speaker so modifications can be made before the day of the presentation.

Depending on your budget, IEM offers additional services including:

  • Complete graphic production services

  • Transfer of a speaker's presentation to the event template

  • Creation of unique event templates

  • Review font sizes and graphic integrity of PowerPoint slides

We even offer complete networked presentation management services utilizing our own proprietary software. is the sort of innovation that can virtually eliminate all those nasty surprises that so often bring a presentation to a screeching halt. The result is a more professional, cost-effective event that runs smoothly and stays on schedule.


The Art of Innovation


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